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Reservation for 2023 is now open!

The reservation system is the same as 2022, Bowl4u. Use your existing account. If you have forgot your password you can retrieve it easily. If you are able to login and you need to change your email address you can do it in your profile.

If you need to create new account even you have an old one. Please contact Bowl4u to ask to remove your extra accounts.

In your player profile please check and fill in information like gender, country, birthdate etc. Your gender affect your handicap, country affect results, birtdate can affect entry fees, pricing, extra prices etc. If you attend last BBO and you are using your existing profile, there is your license number in Finland. Thats needed for starting the squad, results etc. If you create a new account you probabbly don't know you license number in Finland, our you don't have it yet. We will later send it to you and ask you to fill it in your profile.

Correct profiles make your access to squads smoother and also help us to start squads in time.