EYC2017 - Info

From this page you find all nessessary info how to register your team/delegation to the 30th European Youth Championships!

Please start by reading Bulletin 1 and first fill out the Form A and send it to us. Deadline for forms A, B1 and B2 are December 31st 2016. The deadline for all other forms except Ball registration are January 27th 2017. Deadline for all payments are February 15th 2017.


The registration is now closed! See the Teams in Participants page.



The ETBF Technical Delegate and Kegel, which is the official lane maintenance partner of ETBF, have decided the length of the oil-pattern for the European Youth Championships 2017 to be 41’ feet. The length of the final selected oil-pattern, which will be published at the Team Managers meeting, might vary with a maximum of +/- one foot from the length mentioned above.

KEGEL representative: Doug Dukes
Lane machine: Kegel Flex
Conditioner: Kegel ICE and FIRE
Cleaner: Kegel Defense - C


Bulletin 1

Form A: Entry Form (please send this even if you don't want to partisipate to the EYC2017) 

Form B1: Hotel Form (Delegate)

Form B2: Hotel Form (Guest/Supporter)

Form C1: Delegation Room list with names

Form C2: Supporter Room list with namesForm

D: Arrival and departure

Form E1: Names in delecation

Form E2: List of Guest/Supporters

Form F: Press accreditation

Form G: Ball registration



See the special entry fees in Brunswick Ballmaster Open