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Samu Valaranta, Finland is the winner of the Brunswick Ballmaster Open 2021

Brunswick Ballmaster Open 2021 was organized during the COVID-19 pandemic. This causes many restrictions during the tournament. If we consider all this the tournament was successful.

Samu Valaranta beat Lukas Jelinek in the TV-final 215-204.

Samu reaches his place in the final by beating Jesper Svensson in the semifinal 210-207.

Lukas beat Willam Svensson in the semifinal match 192-182.

Watch TV-finals in YLE Areena.

In the last round of the round-robin group, B Lukas Jelinek beat Jesse Kallio in a high game match, 257-256. The winner of the match was the player who took another place on the TV after Jesper Svensson. Jesper win group B with 85 pins.

In another round-robin group, William Svensson starts his last game with 11 strikes. William plays against Santtu Tahvanainen who has also a chance in the last game to get into the TV. Santtu needs a high game and a win from William. Santtu stop striking earlier and when William continues almost the end William also passes Samu Valaranta and took first place in the group A. Samu was second, 16 pins behind William.

After the TV final starts the 300eXtra roll-off. There were only three bowlers in the roll-off, but they have made a total of six 300 games. Callum Simons one, Rasmus Endvall two and Markus Jansson? three. So, in the roll-off Callum has one, Rasmus two, and Markus tree chance to make a strike.

Also, Lukas Jelinek makes a 300 game in his second-round robin game. He didn't pay the 300eXtra in the squad he enters the finals, so he didn't get a place to roll off even he makes a 300 game.

We thank all bowlers and other people in the bowling center!  We haven't heard any COVID-19 infections during or after the tournament. Thank you for all following our instructions.

We have a total of 334 bowlers and 711 entries. These are good numbers in these difficult times. Of course, the atmosphere was not exactly the same ass normally but we have all good feelings to be bowling in a real tournament again!

We hope to see you all in January in Brunswick Ballmaster Open 2022.

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