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First 300 game and new leader

In Thursday evening we see the first 300 game in the tournament. Rasmus Endval, Sweden made 300 game is his first game in squad number 11, and win 2.000 euros eXtra. Rasmus score totally 1486 and he is the new leader in the qualification. In squad 11 we see also another 300 game when Markus Jansson made 300 game in game number four. Currently those two players will play one shot roll-off for 3.000 euros eXtra. The 300 eXtra will last until and through the TV-finals so many players have still a chance for 3.000 euros eXtra.

After squad number 11 the mathematical estimation for the top 38 is 1350. The estimated cut for two players from squad 9 to 11 is 1342. From squads 1 to 8 the estimation is 1314. Three squads from tomorrow will have two spots to the finals after the top 38.