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COVID-19 update

The Finnish Border Guard during COVID-19 pandemic

From links below you find current information how to enter Finland during the COVID-19 pandemic.
At the moment you can’t cross the Finnish Border from the countries marked red or gray on the map below. From the countries marked green you can arrive in Finland. But in all cases, the final authority is the Finnish Border Guard.

THL liikennevalot EN maailma 970 09112020

At the moment we can not do anything to help you to enter Finland. On 23rd November there will be some new instructions. As I know there maybe will be some new instructions regarding individual athletics traveling to Finland.
The solution we see possible is (this is NOT official and don’t work right now):
The bowler arriving at Finnish Border Guard have one:

  • negative COVID-19 test certificate (not older than 72 hours)
  • a certificate that you already have had COVID-19 and you are now health
  • certificate that you have got protect/shot for COVID-19 (if available?)


and you have a flight/ferry ticket back within 72 hours.

If you are arriving late Thursday or early Friday you have 72 hours until Sunday night or Monday morning.

We now have EBT permission to allow border crossing bowlers to have a maximum of four (4) reservations on Friday and Saturday. So it makes more sense to have an under 72 hours trip. The reservation system doesn’t allow four reservations but you can send us email and ask to have extra reservations. You need to have your own registration/reservations first. But be fast there is a limited amount of spots.

We maybe know more after 23rd November. Finally, we know the situation in January, and the only person who knows, can you cross the border is the person in the Finnish Border Guard when you arrive.

We will send a new newsletter if we hear some new news about the Border Guard. So remember to order the newsletter to hear the news first.