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The reservation for 2021 will open

The reservation will open on Saturday 14th November at 9:00 Finnish Time.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe, we can not know the current situation in January. That's why everything with the tournament can change. We are not following the normal EBT cancelation rules where the players will get penalty points after canceling all entries less than a month before the tournament starts. We understood the situation and it's safe to make reservations. But if you know you are not able to come please make your cancelation asap. E.g. no shows will get the penalty and are responsible for the entry fees. What we don't know and what we can't guarantee is that the tournament is organized in any case. Because no one knows what is the situation of COVID-19 in January. So if we need to cancel the tournament e.g. due to the Finnish government instruction we are not responsible for your other expenses like flight tickets etc. At the moment in November, bowling in Finland is quite normal. If the situation in January is quite similar there is no reason why we can't run the tournament.

At the moment the maximum number of players in one squad is 54. Players are bowling 3 players per lane pair. Regarding the current COVID-19 situation in Finland, it will be possible to raise the number of players to the normal 72. Make your reservation early to have the squads you need.

Last COVID-19 instructions to arriving in Finland here