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Ruest-Lajoie is the Champion of the Anniversary Tournament


Nathan Ruest-Lajoie from Canada wrote history by winning the 50th Brunswick Ballmaster Open. He defeated Matthew McNiel from USA in a very tight final game. Both men started the game with four strikes, then Ruest-Lajoie left one pin and converted it, McNiel had to pick up three pins. The Canadian leading by two pins the match continued to the last frame. McNiel went first, leaving the six-pin, so a mark would give Ruest-Lajoie the victory. He struck and took the 25.000-euro cheque with scores 267-256.

The 23-year-old Canadian was a little baffled by his victory. After a brief celebration he rushed to pick up the winner’s trophy.

- I had dreamed about it for so long that I wanted to get it in my arms. This mine now, he smiled.
- It feels really great to be here as the winner. I enjoy that I could keep my mental focus in my own doing. I trusted myself and I knew I am able to win, he continued.
- The final match was really tight. When I got two pins ahead I just felt a good pressure, Nathan, who is for the first time in Finland, told.
- I really enjoyed myself here well, people are nice and friendly, and this tournament is just awesome. It was great to be in it and to leave home as the winner, he concluded.

Seija Lankinen