BBO2020 500

50th Anniversary Tournament January 2020

BBO2020 kisajulisteBrunswick Ballmaster Open is always something you must see! If you are interested in bowling and you have not ever bowled in the Brunswick Ballmaster Open - now it’s the time!

25 years ago the first prize in the Ballmaster Open was 25.000 Finnish marks, now 25 years later we will have 25.000 Euros first prize. Compared to the value of money 25 years ago, the prize is triple. In 2020 the total prize money will be 150.000 euros where about 10.000 euros are guaranteed for 300eXtra. This is, to my knowledge, the richest bowling tournament ever organized in Europe!

Brunswick Ballmaster Open 300eXtra has paid out money and valuables more than 100.000 euros since 2007, including a car, a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle, 2 x 20.000 euros check, etc. Brunswick Ballmaster Open 300eXtra makes every year a special atmosphere starting from the first squad until the end of the Tournament. It makes an eXtra, when the audience moves behind the players having front seven or more strikes.

In 2020 we will extend the total players in finals to 72, because we know we will have the record of high level players in the Tournament. The European Men’s Championships later in 2020 in Tali Bowl will bring even more current and future European National Team players to play the Brunswick Ballmaster Open to get to know the famous 36 lanes of Tali Bowling Centre.

To be in top 72 is worth of 800 euros! To be in top 72 is worth of 800 euros! So even if you have a longer way to come, you will get most of your expenses back just by getting a place in the finals. And in the finals in all cuts reasonable amount of bowlers will continue. The final rules are published soon in the

Now is a good moment to make plans to travel to Helsinki, Finland in January 2020. The tournament qualification will start on Friday, the 2 of January. Last qualification date is the 11 of January when also the finals starts. The TV-finals will be in the evening of the 12 of January. Note also the AIK Tournament in Stockholm, Sweden. Normally they will have their finals in the 6 of January. If you don’t want to fly, you can choose a nice one night ferry trip from Stockholm to Helsinki.

Even if you don’t win the Brunswick Ballmaster Open, it is always The Place to Be! But the Winner of the 2020 Brunswick Ballmaster Open can really call himself/herself The Bowler!

Don’t miss it - the registration will open 1 of June 2019!

Kai Virtanen