BBO2020 500

Joonas Jehkinen voittaja 1Cherie Tan crushed Jesse Kallio in the first Semi-final 264-200. Tan started with a double, then came a spare and after that strikes one after one. Jesse Kallio had a split in the fourth frame and the Singaporean ran away.

The other Semi-final between Joonas Jehkinen and Petteri Salonen was extremely exciting and finally ended in Jehkinen's favor 248-231, as Salonen ended his game in a 2-8-10 split after four strikes.

Joonas Jehkinen did the same work in the Final, as he did in the Semi-final. He rose to victory with a five-bagger in the end to defeat Cherie Tan and took the 10 000 euro cheque with figures 234-213. In the sixth frame Cherie led the match with ten pins, considering the eight pin hancicap, but then she started leaving single pins standing after the first ball. Joonas came back to the match with strikes and finally to the victory. “I am happy I was able to make good shots in the right places”, the winner smiled. The celebration of the victory tells everything about Joonas's feelings. “To win Ballmaster Open is a dream for all bowlers. I had the second and third place before this year and now I am the winner. You can compare this only to a PBA-tittle”, Joonas said.

Seija Lankinen