BBO2020 500

TV-finalists found out

TV finalistitThe bowlers for the Brunswick Ballmaster Open culminating semi-finals have been found out. The two pairs are Joonas Jehkinen and Petteri Salonen from Finland and Cherie Tan from Singapore and Jesse Kallio from Finland.

The round robin group where Jehkinen and Kallio played, was resolved already quite early, when the two Finns pulled away from all others. The grouping based on positions at that point placed all Swedes in the same group with Jehkinen and Kallio. Filling the group was Kert Truus from Estonia. Jehkinen started the round robin from peak position and he rolled handsome 1919 for seven games and 150 bonus pins with five wins. Kallio managed to get 1875 and the same bonuses. Third was Adam Andersson from Sweden, clear 72 pins behind Kallio.

In the other group the solution only came in the final frames, when Petteri Salonen's faith was in the hands of other bowlers after losing his last match. The group win was taken by Cherie Tan, mainly with the help of strikes her sixth game, which was 268+8. In the final match she met Jonne Käsmä from Finland. Käsmä started well with a string of strikes, but it ended with a 7-10 split. A win over Cherie would taken Jonne to the semi-finals, loss kept Salonen in the second position. Petteri, having finished his own match, watched in the sidelines biting his nails when Cherie knocked the needed strikes in the 9th and 10th frames. She won the match and cleared her way to the semi-finals as number one of the group. And doing that, she cleared Salonen to the second place in front of Käsmä.

Cherie Tan rolled 1871 for seven games and she won five matches. Petteri Salonen’s score was 1842 and bonuses from four matches. In the very end Juuso Tiainen cut in front of Käsmä, Juuso missed the TV-finals by 22 pins, Jonne by 24.

Seija Lankinen