BBO2020 500

Top four from Finland

Joonas Jehkinen step 2Top four after the Final Step two are from Finland. Joonas Jehkinen (in the picture) leads with the score 1916, Juuso Tiainen is second with 1906 and Kaaron Salomaa is third with 1877. Jesse Kallio were on the position 17 after seven games, but he finished with a high game 279 and stepped to the fourth place.

A drama also occurred near to the cut, while the BBO winner 2017, Daphne Tan, finished her squad with a 168 game and felt to position 19. Furthermore Danielle McEwan from USA made 169 in game seven, in which also Jesper Agerbo scored 168. Both dropped out from top 16 by their low scores.

In top 16 there are three female athletes. Cherie Tan and Bernice Lim from Singapore and Misaki Mukotani from Japan. Together with the 4 Finns in the top, there are also Petteri Salonen and Jonne Käsmä from Finland. From Sweden there are five athletes in top 16, namely Filip Wilhelmsson, Adam Andersson, Mattias Olsson, William Svensson and Peter Hellström. Then we have in Round Robin one player from Thailand, Kim Bolleby, and one from Estonia, Kert Truus.

None of the athletes in top 16 had won Brunswick Ballmaster Open earlier, so there will be a new name on the list of the winners.

Seija Lankinen