BBO2020 500

Cut to step two was 1262

Petteri Salonen 2The Brunswick Ballmaster Open Final step one was high scoring, as usual. The last spot to step two needed 1262 points, and that was made with a late sprint by Simo Leskinen, from Bay, Lahti. Sandra Andersson from Sweden was the first one to drop off by four pins. Among the last ones to qualify for step two, placed 23, was three time Ballmaster-winner Pasi Uotila.

The leading role was taken by Petteri Salonen, who worked 1484 for these six games. “My game started well from the beginning, so this was a kind of an evening excercise. I got the pins moving well, so bowling was really easy. In the beginning of the fifth game there was a small moment where I had to think a bit more. I changed the ball in the fourth frame, a little too late, but it all went really well” Petteri pondered. Danielle McEwan, USA, was second with the score 1451 and Kim Bolleby from Thailand third, 1442.

In the step one we got two more men for the tomorrow night 300eXtra Final. The perfectos went to the same club, architected by Joonas Jehkinen and Tomas Käyhkö from Mainarit, Varkaus.

Seija Lankinen