BBO2020 500

Qualification is done

Desperadon parhaatThe qualification of Brunswick Ballmaster Open is done. The cut rose to the score 1407, the last player in was Kaaron Salomaa, Finland. The cut to top 12, who are starting the Final from the second step was 1456. Daria Pajak from Poland took the win in the qualification with the score 1496. Last year Pajak got the place in the Final from Desperado.

In the top 12 there are four female bowlers. In total we have five players from Finland, three from Singapore and one from Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Poland.

Teemu Putkisto and Filip Wilhelmsson took the places to the Final from the squads 9-10, Kai Hildén, Sami Salin and Jesse Ahokas from squads 1-8. The top three in the Desperado were Jonne Käsmä from Finland (in the middle), Tim Stampe from Denmark (left) and Linus Boström, Finland.

Seija Lankinen