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Misaki Mukotani’s first visit to Ballmaster

Misaki Mukotani 3One of the most exciting visitors in Brunswick Ballmaster Open 2019 is Misaki Mukotani. If I don’t remember totally wrong, she is the first ever bowler in Ballmaster Open from Japan. This visit is something memorable also to herself. “This is my first time in Finland, first time in Europe”, Misaki told. Just before Ballmaster Open she bowled the AIK-tournament in Sweden.

Misaki Mukotani has lots of international experience, she has played in Japanese National Team already ten years. Even that, the high results in Tali seems to be an surprise to her. “Before I came here, I was a bit scared, because there are so many good bowlers taking part in Ballmaster Open. I am also scared, because all people are so tall here”, she smiles (and looks at me). “But there is no reason to be scared, all the people here are so friendly and kind, bowlers are everyone in the organization”.

Misaki has now played in two squads and reached scores 1250 and 1233. To her the lane conditions feels tough. “It changes so fast, because there are so many good bowlers and especially good male bowlers on the lanes. In Asia we have big tournaments, but the results level is not as high as it is here. There I have managed to make the cut”.  

Finland as a country has also been given surprises to Misaki. “It is so cold here, so awfully cold. I looked advance at the weather forecast and I thought that I probably will die here, but I am still alive”, Misaki grinned. “And it is so nice that here is snow”.

The cold weather and tough lane conditions have not scared Misaki totally, because she nods her head fast, when I ask about coming to 50-years anniversary tournament next year. “I am coming. For sure I am coming”, she promises.

Seija Lankinen