BBO2020 500

Daria Pajak took the lead

Daria Pajak 2The brightest bowling star from Poland, Daria Pajak, took the lead in the Brunswick Ballmaster Open qualification Thursday night. She toppled 1448 pins and added 48 pins ladies' handicap to beat out Juuso Tiainen for the top spot by three pins, 1496 to 1493. “I have bowled quite well lately and this was also very good. Last year I played about six or seven squads and got closer and closer to the cut, but didn't make it. Then I managed to make the finals thru the Desperado. This year I decided not to go that way”, Daria smiled.

Daria is living in USA, but still represents Poland, what she did for many years as a youth bowler. “My first time in European Youth Championships was in Augsburg, Germany in 2004. My average there was 148.7. Then I won my first medal here in Tali in 2008 and the last time I bowled in European Youth was in 2011, again in Germany”, Daria tells. “I remember, when I saw the best players in my first Championships I decided to practice and become as good as they were. And here I am”, she grins.

In 10th squad the audience got something special to watch, when 11-year-old Jussi Laine started his 4th game with 11 strikes in a row. He left one pin standing on his last shot, but his high game now is 299. He finished his third qualification squad in the BBO with 1190 total.

Seija Lankinen

Jussi Laine