International Ballmaster Tournament - 1987


17th Ballmaster Tournament
28.12.1986 - 4.1.1987, Tali, Helsinki, 877 participants

Winner: Norbert Griesert
Club: Germany
Age at the moment:

Positioned 2nd before the stepladder finals

Griesert’s scores:
9 games 1867
6 games 1300
Round Robin (12) 2413
Bonus 270
Total 5850
Average 206,7

Stepladder finals:
Mika Koivuniemi - Olli Tiainen 196 - 169
Mika Koivuniemi - Kimmo Lehtonen 197 - 196
Norbert Griesert - Mika Koivuniemi 226 - 193
Norbert Griesert - Lars Prim 221 - 186

Picks from the press:

“In 1977 Norbert Griesert won a silver medal in the European Championships in Tali and he felt like home there also now. After beginning difficulties he got acquainted with the lanes and continued his excellent bowling to the very end. In the qualification Griesert’s three game blocks were 556, 597 and 714.”

”The stepladder started with ”domestic” matches. Olli Tiainen, who had played an impressive tournament, faced Mika Koivuniemi. Koivuniemi, who had transferred to GB’s roster, was clearly better with figures 196-169. Following games brought some dramatics, too. Koivuniemi’s next opponent was left-handed Kimmo Lehtonen. Mika commanded the early frames after concluding a turkey with lucky crossover strikes. The decision, however, went to the last frame, where Kimmo squeezed a double and seemed to take the game. But the extra ball left three pins out of which Lehtonen only took the first with his spare attempt. – So Koivuniemi continued with one pin win.”

”The final game was a reprise from last year. Top seed after 27 games, Lars Prim, could not, after hour and a half of waiting, answer to Griesert’s accurate game. The German made two turkeys in his game and took the tournament victory to Germany for the first time with numbers 221-186.”   Keilaaja 1/1987